Seeking to demonstrate God's grace and love through Christian support
for women who have relatives and/or friends who are or have been incarcerated.
*40 pieces for personal Agape. Must be an identical item but may be different colors/designs.

*Please do not include names, reunion group, or church information, per Kairos policy.

*For wall Agape, please make sure that no last names are signed, or we will not be able to use it.

*Please remember that KO Weekends are fragrance free.
We do not ask that you commit to a specific time to pray for the Weekend, but only that you
keep the Weekend, Guests, Team and volunteers in your continued prayers.
Only your first name will be used on the Prayer Vigil to ensure confidentiality.
To sign up for the Prayer Vigil, please send an email to

Want to help recruit prayer warriors for the Weekend Prayer Vigil?
Here are some forms you may need:
Inside Prayer Vigil
Outside Prayer Vigil
Please remember that the Inside Prayer Vigils are to be submitted on white paper and the
Outside Prayer Vigils are to be submitted on
colored paper.
**Agape may be submitted to any KONT Team member, Advisory Council member, via email to or by mail to: KONT  PO Box 836126  Richardson, TX 75083-6126.**

If you have questions about Agape, please email us at: