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Seeking to demonstrate God's grace and love through Christian support
for women who have relatives and/or friends who are or have been incarcerated.
We believe that the families of the incarcerated are "doing time" right along with their
loved ones. Kairos Outside is designed to let those families know that there is a
community that cares about them and their needs. The Weekend is a way to help
strengthen the family unit and encourage small support groups for women whose
relatives are at the same facility. We provide a secure place for women to share their
struggles with each other and with those who are empathetic to their situations. The
women on the outside, in many ways, have to be stronger than their relatives inside to
survive in today's world. We hope Kairos Outside will help them find strength for
their life journeys and give them a chance to find and build friendships within the
Christian community that may last a lifetime.
PO Box 836126  ♦  Richardson, Texas 75083-6126  ♦  Phone (214) 392-1299